Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ganga of famous Ganga-Jamuna twins dies

One of Ganga-Jamuna twins who were born with conjoined heads and separated through an extremely complex surgery in Singapore eight years ago has died in the capital Tuesday.

Seven-year-old Ganga KC breathed her last at Kathmandu Model Hospital on Tuesday at around 11 am while undergoing treatment for a severe chest infection, Kantipur Daily reported.

Dr Basanta Panta, neurosurgeon at the hospital, said that Ganga, who was suffering from a serious bout of pneumonia and meningitis, had been admitted at the Intensive Care Unit (IC) of the hospital on Monday after she had breathing problems. The doctors at the hospital had put her on a ventilator as she was unconscious and had difficulty in breathing due to pneumonia.

Dr Pant had been treating the twins since they were brought to Kathmandu from Singapore after undergoing a successful surgery to separate their fused heads.

A team of 16 doctors led by neurosurgeon Kith Goh of Singapore General Hospital had conducted a marathon 90-hours surgery to separate the twins in 2001. They were aged 11 months at the time of the surgery.

As the separation surgery was extremely complex, the case hit international headlines during that time.

Ganga and Jamuna were living with their parents in Kathmandu since their return from Singapore। ag July 30 08

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deepa said...

Ah!!! It’s really sad. Hope medical invents new technical things in future in this type of case.